What Can Cause a Blowout?

1. Using too large a hole diameter. See temperature chart.
2. Using too warm mix water. See temperature chart.
3. Using too little water, especially when rock or concrete is above 73°F.
4. Lots of dry dust in holes can absorb water from the mixed Betonamit, causing same as #3 above.
5. Too much time passing between beginning to mix and filling holes.
6. Mixing by hand can result in #5 above.
7. Guessing at drill hole temperature instead of measuring it.
8. Guessing at water temperature instead of measuring it.
9. Holes that are too shallow. Depth must be 4 times diameter or more.
10. Allowing the Betonamit powder to become too hot before mixing with water.
11. A "know-it-all" attitude that causes some people to ignore this manual instead of reading it thoroughly, cover to cover.
12. Holes drilled closer than 10" apart in soft rock or concrete, in hot weather.

Always wear safety goggles when working with Betonamit.


Blowouts will usually not occur more than 3 hours after filling holes.

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