Mixing Betonamit -Type R (Liquid)

1. Read this manual page for page before using Betonamit.
2. Wear safety goggles and clear the area of all non-essential personnel.
3. Measure temperature of drill holes.
4. Add one liter of clean water of proper temperature to plastic mixing bucket. See Temperature Chart on preceding page.
5. Dump one 5 kilo container of Betonamit into bucket with water.
6. Begin mixing immediately wait 1/2" electric drill with mixing attachment.
7. Betonamit will seem dry at first -do not add more water!
8. Once mixing begins, you have only 5 minutes to finish mixing and fill holes . Do not stop to take a phone call or fool around. Longer mixing times increase likelihood of blowouts.
9. Fill holes as quickly as possible. Do not use a funnel. Do not plug holes or place heavy objects on holes.
10. Cover holes with a tarp if people will remain in the area -especially in hot weather, when blowouts are more likely to occur.


1. Never fill glass or metal containers with Betonamit, or any container which widens towards the bottom.
2. Never pump Betonamit.
3. Mixing by hand lengthens mix time and is more likely to result in a blowout.
4. When rock or concrete is above 73°F, add 5 ounces of extra water per 5 kilo container (33°F, iced).

Estimating Quantity Required

Type R (Liquid) 5kg.

Each 5 kilo container will fill 7-1/2 linear feet of 1-1/2" hole, 10 linear feet of 1-3/8" hole, or 11 feet of 1-1/4" hole.

For 1-1/2" holes: # of holes x depth in feet divided by 7.5 = # of 5kg containers needed.

For 1-3/8" holes: # of holes x depth in feet divided by 10 = # of 5kg containers needed.

For 1-1/4" holes: # of holes x depth in feet divided by 11 = # of 5kg containers needed.

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