Mixing Betonamit -Type S (Putty) Additive

Betonamit Type S is an additive that you add to the Type R mix and it forms a putty instead of a liquid, for use in horizontal holes, uphill and overhead holes, and holes with water seeping in.

1. Read this manual page for page before using Betonamit.
2. Wear safety goggles and clear the area of all non-essential personnel.
3. Measure temperature of drill holes.
4. Add one liter of clean water of the proper temperature to a plastic mixing bucket.
See temperature chart
5. Dump one 5 kilo container of Betonamit Type R and the Type S additive to the bucket with water.
6. Begin mixing immediately with a 1/2" electric drill with mixing attachment.
7. Type S (Putty) Betonamit may seem dry at first - do not add more water!
8. Mix until material is thoroughly moistened and forms small balls.
9. Wearing rubber gloves or surgical gloves, pick up a handful of Betonamit and knead it like dough.
10. On a clean surface, roll Betonamit into cylindrical sausage shapes slightly smaller than the hole diameter.
11. Place the rolled Betonamit in holes and pack tightly with a dowel or rod slightly smaller than hole diameter.
12. Cover holes with a tarp if people will remain in the area.


1. Mix only one 5 kilo container at a time.
2. Two people are recommended - one to knead and roll, one to pack.
3. Fill holes within five minutes.
4. Type S is useful when holes have water seeping in.
5. Drilling holes at a slight downward angle instead of horizontal allows the use of Type R (liquid) which is easier and faster.
6. When rock or concrete is above 73°F, add 2-1/2 ounces of extra water (33°F, iced).

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